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about the environment and health

Nowadays consumers are becoming very sensitive to environmental and health effects caused by eating animal-based foods, that they increasingly introduce into their diet plant-based products.

In addition, consumption of animal-based proteins is predicted to double within the next 30 years, with inevitable ecological damage. This prompts the industry to look for new sources and technologies.

New proteins derived from oilseeds, cereals, vegetables, legumes and leaves, have been incorporated into food, replacing animal derivatives by 100% or used simply by mixing them with those with the aim to reach the nutritional benefits and savings.

Various governments are taking steps to reduce the consumption of animal-based food and to promote veganism/vegetarianism. Dietary guidelines have been created to reduce consumption of animal-based products, while also claiming the positive effect of such measure on preventing certain health problems.

At the same time, the consumer is unwilling to compromise on taste even for the sake of the health benefits. For example, food should be extremely attractive and incredibly tasty, while always retaining its “good for you” features: burgers, bolognese sauce, nuggets, sausages, ham, beef meatballs, pork, lamb and chicken preparations, barbecues, crispy bacon and much more. Indulgence is the key word.

Our veg flavourings…

  • offer a variety of authentic tastes for every vegan preparation created for replacing dairy and meat.
  • Products are developed by our technologists, who have extensive experience in creating different profiles of meat, smoke and dairy flavours.
  • They come in a wide selection of flavours and are created to work in different food bases to enhance their flavour.

Your product should not only be palatable, but also look delicious and taste amazing!


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