Nature is our best and most efficient supplier.
States BIO with the “Natural Flavourings of ME

The new EU Regulation 2018/848 on organic production of organic food has entered into force on January 1, 2021.

Unlike the previous regulation, it offers two options for flavourings: “flavourings usable in organic products” and “organic flavourings”.

Today only “natural flavourings of…” can be used for processing organic food products: “natural lemon flavour”, while “natural flavour” can no longer be used.

The ME technical team focused on technical development precisely to satisfy the demand of organic food producers for new compounds and for the replacement of flavorings that are no longer permitted.

Consumers, moreover, are increasingly concerned about the health risks associated with chemicals in food and have greater expectations about labelling transparency. Our 100% natural flavours BIOAROMI, extracted exclusively from natural sources, are a complete and high performance tool developed to enhance the authenticity of the products and to meet the target ” more nutritious and safer to eat.”

Bite an apple and you will taste thousands of naturally occurring compounds. ME can recreate the same taste profile thanks to natural extracts and natural molecules derived from plant sources, suitable for any organic food.

Challenge the organic food with our line of natural flavourings BIOAROMI™


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